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Viv and Steve’s Story

Retirement & Financial Planning Client

Viv initially got in touch with Riverfall in October 2017 because she was looking for someone to advise her on her final salary pension. Jessica McGowan, one of our Riverfall final salary pension transfer specialists, met with Viv to do a full analysis of her financial situation to see if a transfer out of her scheme would make sense.

When Viv retired at the end of last year, her husband Steve was intending to carry on working for a few more years.  Jessica then got a call from the couple asking if he could also afford to retire. She modelled various scenarios of their financial situation to build a picture of their financial future and help them visualise if they had enough for Steve to retire early. Here’s what they have to say about working with Riverfall.

What made you seek advice?

“I was thinking of changing my final salary pension and someone suggested I use the website ‘Unbiased’ to find a suitably qualified adviser to advise me. Riverfall came up and on meeting Jessica I instantly felt comfortable.”

What has been the biggest benefit to you of working with Riverfall?

“Getting expert advice from a very friendly and efficient adviser, which has allowed both of us to retire earlier than we thought possible.”

How has Riverfall made a difference to your lives?

“Steve has been able to confidently retire, 2 to 3 years earlier than we had thought possible. So we are now both happily retired and doing the things together that we’ve always talked about, like taking a trip to New York and exploring parts of the country we’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time to do.”

The value of pensions and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.
Transferring out of a Final Salary scheme is unlikely to be in the best interests of most people.

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