An Emoji Guide to Investing!

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What can emojis teach us about investing?! Emotions can lead us to make poor financial decisions, not a recipe for long-term wealth creation.

We take an unconventional look at these emotions by imagining what an investor’s view of the market cycle might look like when expressed in emojis! A picture paints a thousand words and, when combined with a little humour, is often the best way to communicate a message.

Here’s something a bit unusual: an Emoji Guide to Investing! The emotional curve that investors follow as markets rise and fall has been very cleverly interpreted by a fellow Financial Planner, Andrew Neligan.

As ever, a picture paints a thousand words and the graphic summarises the range of emotions that are likely to be experienced by most investors through the ups and downs of a typical market cycle.

These emotions can lead us to make very poor financial decisions, such as the fear that causes us to sell at the bottom of the market and the exuberance that can cause us to buy at the top. Not a recipe for long-term wealth creation!

Keep focused on your long-term goals

The successful investor who can keep their head, whilst all of those around them are losing theirs, and can just concentrate on whether they are on track to achieve the objectives they have set out for their money, will usually arrive at the finishing line, having not shed tears of pain, frustration and joy.

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