Why are we called Riverfall Financial?

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In my experience, trying to name anything turns out to be much harder than you thought. Suddenly every detail becomes potentially hugely significant. What meaning does the name convey? Does it resemble anything already out there? (Beware negative associations or trigger-happy trademark lawyers). Are the colours right? Should you have a squiggle or a circle as a logo, or maybe nothing at all? And that is before you have started on the “strap line” without which no brand seems to be complete these days.

Trying to “brand” an advice business is particularly tricky as you walk the tightrope between being different, human and approachable whilst also being respectable, professional and dependable. All best wishes to my fellow professionals at “Frog Finance” but this seemed to us just a step too far!

After much thought and soul searching about our unique place in the universe, we arrived, three years ago, at the name of Riverfall Financial. It describes the metaphor for human life that is a river’s journey, as it falls from its source to the sea. It always reminds us that we deal with people’s lives and not just their money. I don’t claim the metaphor as being original, but maybe its application in financial services is?

In order to continually remind ourselves and our clients of the meaning of Riverfall, I had the idea of writing a poem describing a river’s life as it falls from its spring to the sea. This now has pride of place on the boardroom wall and is a guaranteed conversation starter for any new visitor. It’s very satisfying to be able to create a brand that has real meaning and relevance to what our business does every day. If you would like to take the journey please get your feet wet here, I hope you enjoy reading it.


A singular point, shy and innocent of its significance.

A dribble takes its first breath, a puddle tips into a ribbon.

Blind and vulnerable, unaware of a destiny that is already shaped by nature’s silhouette.

It finds a voice, a barely audible babble that no one hears.

Gravity urges rivals for its crown of origin to join the procession.

It now has purpose and is curious to explore, eager and expectant.

Seeking out danger, impatient, invincible and immortal.

Picking up speed, teenage turbulence, arguing with obstacles at every turn.

A gentle mirror shattered into a soft foam of confused states.

Breathless rebellion cannot endure.

Calmer contours offer the relief of maturity, shape and direction.

A tributary rushes forward to offer a hand in marriage.

Now ready to carry the responsibility of an urban identity on broad shoulders.

A mongrel collection of bridges give brief interruption to its divisive power.

Without notice or compassion the adulation of the city is left behind to a faltering memory.

A wider girth dampens its muddy flow, once again hesitant and uncertain.

Maturity brings perspective on what has been and that which now awaits downstream.

Tranquil waters offer depth and time for reflection.

It starts to wriggle, trying to turn its back on the fate that is now in view.

Arteries harden as sentiment and sediment settle gently on the bed.

Senility and salinity leave a bad taste in the mouth.

It is swallowed up and carried away once more to where it will begin again.

The River that will always rise and Fall.

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